Microsoft Access development, Software & Database design

20+ years of professional experience in all sorts of database development

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DatabaseWork breifly ApS offers flexible development services for small to midsized companies in primarely Denmark and Sweden. DatabaseWork ApS gives solid and no-nonsence IT development and services, we take take ownership for our tasks and proactively delivers results in due time.

What services we do

Our core business is project - based development in Microsoft Access and .NET, SQL etc. Our projects range from a few hours maintenance to projects of several thousand hours duration.

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Our technologies

Our IT capabilities cover the most common platforms and languages, we perform development and consultancy, working as a sparring partner and project manager.

technologies overview

Database Development

We develop applications and using different databases, depending on needs and requirements

Data Services

Data Services includes import and conversion, upsizing, clean-up, doublet merging, etc.

Office Development

VBA Development, Outlook Add-ins, Excel Spreadsheets, Access

ASP .Net Web development

Web applications, e-shops, online payment, etc.

Access Development

Development in Microsoft Access - is one of the most effective and useful technologies for SMEs

.NET development

We perform custom .NET development of Windows Forms, WCF, Services, WF, Consol app's, MS Office and Outlook add'ins

Electronics Integration - Software Development

Generic Software development across platforms, Interfacing Electronics, App development, Websites-CMS

SW entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience incl. general corporate management, start-up projects, product development and in-depth knowledge of business processes, strategy and sales. It is important since your needs are more than just a database, but a solution that covers just your needs.


>1,000.000 lines of code
Customers trust us

Our customers usually spend their time describing their needs, and then we - free of charge - provide a proposition with time frames.

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