About DatabaseWork

DATABASEWORK — is operated by ZynRg ApS, a leading vendor of entry level SAAS CRM

Core business is project - based development in Microsoft Access and .NET, SQL etc. Our projects range from a few hours maintenance to projects of several thousand hours duration.

Most of the work is done from our own location and then sent to our customers for inspection by remote connections. Our customers usually spend their time describing their needs, and then we - free of charge - provide a proposition with time frames.

We are an internationally oriented team with Danish management, and branches in Denmark, Sweden and Russia. Our products are sold online and through global partners.

"SW entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience incl. general corporate management, start-up projects, product development and in-depth knowledge of business processes, strategy and sales. It is important since your needs are more than just a database, but a solution that covers just your needs."

Hans Hvidbjerg Hansen

CEO & Project Manager


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