Service agreement

  • The service agreement is for clients who want us to look after the running of a solution or must be available for immediate tasks - for solving acute Software and IT tasks.
  • Service agreements with a fixed number of hours subscribed for a minimum of a quarter and are billed monthly in advance.
  • The hours can be freely used for internal resolution of standard tasks.
  • debit service agreement with all the hours and emits as needed, a delivery note with the calculation of time spent and the remaining balance of the agreement.
  • Mail Phone Support beyond 10 minutes per. calls charged service agreement with multiples of half hours.
  • Possibly. driving invoiced separately at current rates.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

10 hours / per month

2 phone support cases / per month

20 hours / per month

4 phone support cases / per month

40 hours / per month

8 phone support cases / per month

1.100 DKK

Real hourly rate

1.050 DKK

Real hourly rate

950 DKK

Real hourly rate

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