Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For ZynRg ApS including databasework.dk ApS

These terms and conditions apply at ZynRg ApS 'sale of goods and services to the extent that the conditions are not agreed in writing between ZynRg ApS and the customer.

The payment terms are net cash 8 days after the invoice date. By late payment calculated 1.5% interest per. month started. ZynRg ApS is entitled to terminate the agreement and take back the delivery in case of customer's material breach.

All prices of ZynRg ApS, exclusive supply, taxes and other expenses.

Delivery of products
The risk of delivery accidental loss or damage passes to the customer at his receipt of the delivery. The customer must immediately following delivery, examine the delivered goods for visible defects and verify that the received corresponds to it in the delivery note specified.

ZynRg Aps will bill the customer for goods on delivery day and for services delivery.

Services are billed according to time spent under ZynRg ApS 'then-current price list plus costs for travel, accommodation and meals.
Services, which on customer demand, delivered outside ZynRg ApS 'normal business hours (Monday - Friday. 8:00 to 17:00) billed with overtime allowance under ZynRg ApS' then-current price list, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Property reservations
The full ownership of the delivered goods remains with ZynRg ApS until the full purchase price has been paid.

The object of sale (incl. All accessories, documentation, etc.) are covered by ZynRg retention of title until the total purchase price incl. possibly. interest and fees are paid. The customer is not entitled, without ZynRg consent to move, pledge, rent, lend or otherwise dispose of the goods sold, as long as retention of title exists. The customer must keep the goods sold individualized, so it can be recognized. The customer is obliged to keep the items delivered properly insured until ownership is transferred to the customer.

Amendment and cancellation
The customer is entitled to change and / or cancel one of ZynRg ApS confirmed order, unless ZynRg ApS in advance in writing approve the change / cancellation and the customer agrees to pay all costs, as the change / cancellation resulted.

The customer is obliged to examine the delivery immediately upon receipt and notify ZynRg ApS any defects within 8 days thereafter. In the case of hidden defects, these corresponding communicated ZynRg ApS without undue delay after these have come customer knowledge. By complaint ZynRg ApS invoice number.

The customer is entitled to return one of ZynRg ApS subsided deliveries unless ZynRg ApS in advance in writing approves the return, and the customer agrees to pay all costs, as return leads.