Business intelligence

Decision Support solution

Analysis features through a simple and logically structured user interface. Get a desktop application that makes it possible to monitor all key figures on the dimensions of your business

For example

  • Profit centers
  • Projects
  • Customers / customer groups
  • Sellers / employees
  • Products / product groups
  • Geographic areas

Dashboard overview in one place

An analysis Dashboard is management's control center and gives you a clear picture of how the company is performing at the moment. In case of deviations, you can quickly find the underlying causes. Sales, orders, projects, time, results and balance, everything in one place and stylish presented with charts and instruments.

For example



Get a complete overview of your project - from spendt time to the total sales value.


Analyze and see trends for spent time - in the same format as the turnover analysis. For a more detailed analysis, one can immerse themselves in, among others, the following fields:

  • Projects
  • Hours worked
  • Absence
  • Activities
  • Capacity utilization


Get an overview of sales, analyze and see trends in revenue.
Divide customers into groups and optimize efforts to the market and customer types.

Results and balance

Presentation of results and balance with the opportunity to specialize. Follow the trends and key figures in stylish charts. One can immerse themselves in the following fields, for a more detailed analysis of the results and balance sheet:

  • Annual Report
  • Return on assets
  • Liquidity
  • Total assets
  • Stability


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