Callcenter solution

A call center solution is for You who would like to promote Your customer satisfaction and increase productivity of Your call center.

This can be done with our solution, which increases the efficiency of out - and inbound calls.

Our call center solution makes it possible for You to make Your customer service faster and keep the conversation length down.


With a call center solution, all the relevant information (such as name, phone number, private person or contact with a company, company, and position in the company, etc.) will be collected before or during the interview, in a simple and user-friendly database that is easily accessible and ready when You need it.

See more: CRM Contact Management.

A call center solution also reduces unnecessary small talk and by doing so, increases the productivity of Your call center.

Interface with CTI

If there is an opportunity to interface with Your telephone system (CTI), then we can also activate an "auto-dialer" that goes through your phoning list and filters the numbers from which there are no answers and goes on to a machine. Conversations only goes to call center staff when a person answers the call. This is another method that a call center solution can increase productivity for you.

Total Benefits:

  • Call lists per phoner
  • Results overview per phoner
  • Bonus statements
  • Call to action/ dialog management, guided discussion
  • Leads transfer to sellers
  • History of activity and effort
  • Micromanagement of activities

We have seen improvements of 40-80% in the call centers with the proper optimization, here we have experience in both the technique and the process.

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