CRM Contact Management

With our CRM Contact Management solution you can view all details about Your contacts in one place. Everything ranging from contact information (name, background, city, phone number, etc.), e-mail history, who is responsible for the specific contact, on what projects the contact is involved or they want to have done for them, can be made easily accessible to You, in an user friendly contact management solution.


In addition, our contact management solution also show key dates associated with the individual contacts. Examples are: when the next meeting is, deadlines for projects, start of future projects, etc.

It is in addition possible to turn on reminders so you always know when an important date is approaching.

Attach documents

With a contact management solution it can also be made possible to attach important documents to the various contacts, so you always have the necessary papers at hand when you need them.

If you need a great overall solution for the entire company that also works at remote locations and with planning etc., look at our own system ZynRg Smart apps.

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