News mails

With our newsletter oriented solution can simply create new messages and send them.

I can also easily be precisely adjusted to mails so that they fit the individuel receivers and offers are sent out.

Automatic transmission with queue

This is in addition to simple to set automatic sending of mails up, and decide whether a one-time email and date of the program and for what contacts, or whether it is a mail to be sent at a regular interval and what the frequency is. This also makes it possible to create a queue of messages to be sent out.
In this way you can make all Your mails at the same time when I have time, instead of when they should be sent.


For you who have customers who can "subscribe" to news mails with weekly or monthly specials via Your website is a newsletter solution especially relevant. This is because with this solution The auto can put mail up to be sent to everyone who has signed up to the mailing list, and all who sign up after you have made emailed and put Intervals up, will Automatically be added to the list of recipients.

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