MS Access projects

Below you can see examples of some Microsoft Access projects we have delivered to, or made in teamwork with, our customers.

Payroll administration

Case: Payment System for +40 employees; for recording hours and individual performance including bonus and reimbursement. Reports for accounting, export and statistics.

We have created several different solutions in this area, also time/matter solutions.

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Marketing and Lead Management

Newsletters/mailing lists with mail merge directly in Access in HTML format, including attached documents, to groups of recipients, based on interests and geography, etc. works even without Outlook installed.

There are a wide range of variations, we provide a product, that fits your needs.

Telemarketing databases

Call centers and sales departments can benefit greatly from automated solutions.

We have over time made around 100 different solutions that supports dialogue guide, sales units, appointments, distribution of materials, follow-up lists as well as phoner management with commissions and wage basis.

All optimized for the easiest workflow.It is also possible to make time registration for micro-management; to use data for optimizing processes further.

For example would the time registration of each call help shorten conversations and determine how long each type of call really should take. This gives better results for everyone, also the employees will be more pleased with initiatives that give them better performance and thus better results.

With a MS SQL Servers back-end, performance is *top notch*even with more than + 50 users.

Sales, subscription & Order Management

Order summarizing and processing in Access with integration to ERP system.External order booking and "work cards" per case, for hours, materials and work.Integration with SMS portals for customer prompts and reminders, as well as payment gateway. Also integration with ERP-system to lighten the workflow of maintenance and daily operations.

  • With the latest update from Microsoft for SharePoint2013, where the underlying data is stored on the SQL server, it has become easier and faster to build web applications, integration with back office is also easier and faster. 
  • We have experience with all versions of Access Services and Access Web databases, and we have delivered projects with integration across business systems.

Survey websites with Sharepoint Access Services

We have, in cooperation with our customers, solved a big assignment, where Access Hosting was used, fora number of Web databases for data collecting and survey customizing for quality monitoring.

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The solutionis based on some static websites; portals and a number of dynamic websites that are publishedadhoc. Thereisintegration withback officeon the SQLserver withsync anddata integration.


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