Access hosting

We offer through our partner hosted Access solutions - where we  are on top of it all from start to finish.

This makes it more convenient for You, since we can deliver and service the entire solution without You even needing to be involved in the selection and the operation of a separate IT solution.

  • Remote Desktop for windows or Mac.
    We can deliver a solution as a remote desktop where your application is ready on the desktop or starts automatically, as a full screen solution.
    If you prefer to access the solution with an IPAD with touch functions then naturally we can also provide exactly that.
  • Access Web Database, on Sharepoint.
    Access can generate webdatabases that works with MS Sharepoint using Sharepoint Access Services, this way it's easy and fast to create databases for datacapture online and make surveys anywhere globally, on a tablet in the field or let the customer fill it out.

We can offer a competitive price, per user per month.

Contact us for more information.