Database administration

As Your database administrator (DBA), we take care of everything related to the maintenance of Your databases. We offer many services such as: installation, configuration, and upgrading database server software and related products.


Furthermore, it is also part of a DBA's responsibility - to monitor Your database performance, make sure it is always available and doesn't go down when it is most inconvenient.

Furthermore, we take care of the design and implementation of database system. The policies and procedures for handling, safety and use of the database management system - is another part of our responsibility.

Backups and recovery

The database administrator takes care of back-ups and recovery. The DBA makes sure that backups are done according to a plan, and to ensures that it is possible to make a full recovery of everything important: if unplanned downtime occurs, all the database will still exist in the backup.

All the benefits of choosing us as Your Database Administrator:

  • Better security
  • Your database is always up to date
  • Less downtime
  • Frequent backups
  • Better Performance of Your Database
Our expertise in SQL makes us the best suited for database administration.
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