Access development

MS Access development

Development in Microsoft Access - is one of the most effective and useful technologies for SMEs. Even now, in the era of powerful web technologies, Access remains a very effective platform for automating business - cost effective!

Develop new Access databases by specification

We build advanced, customized Microsoft Access database applications - we are specialized in Access development, Access programming, and we also offer solutions in other areas: .NET, ASP, SQL Server and many more.

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Fix and optimize existing Access databases

What should You be aware of, if You want to fix an existing database? Is the database sufficiently normalized? Was the database created by someone inexperienced in Access? Should there be added something to the existing database? Or do You just need to solve problems with the data structure? Maybe You need a whole new database to be developed?

Look for a partner, who will give you a free cost estimate, with details on what needs to be done.

Adding new features to your Access

What you should be aware of, if you wish to add features:

  • Find a partner who understands how the existing features work, so adding new functions doesn't destroy existing functionality.
  • Find a partner who can advise on both the advantages and disadvantages on each proposed model, and let you decide what you want.

Embed webservices;
EDI /SMS gateways

Your system or business proccesses can often benefit from automatic integration with external services, webservices as EDI or SMS gateways, cards, address services or something completely different.

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Office integration & Email

Send emails via Outlook or SMTP from Access

E-mail integration in Your Access-database can save a lot of time and help the company's proccesses. This function allows You to send e-mails to Your customers and accept mail from everyone directly in the Access Database. There's no reason to work in access and Outlook seperately.

Microsoft Access Consultant

Get an experienced Microsoft Access concultant to be part of your internal projects or to stand for the whole development from idea to finished production. We can be availible Ad-hoc or for whole projects by request.

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