Data Services includes import and conversion, upsizing, clean-up, doublet merging, etc.
With time databases often grow large and there may be many years of residues that need to be cleaned up and archived to improve performance and ensure that the data remains intact.

Upsize Access database to SQL-server

If your database has more than 10-20 users, there is a good reason to convert your Access-database to SQL Server for better, safer and faster performance.

We have lots of experience here.

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Data conversion from file / Excel to Access / SQL

A: Import and conversion of large amounts of data that have to be cleaned, and also develop automated processes, if You use the same source format often. We can do it for You.

B: If You have applications in Excel with large amounts of data and want to have better access to data in a structured form, and use queries to access them. Then let's turn it into an Access application where possible, and at the same time you can keep graphs, cross-tabulation etc.

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